"Reblogging my feelings away while pretending to do adult things." _______________________________ Hey people! My name is Tenesha, but if you know me from the vidding world...I'm also Kellygirl2002 and TheKg2002. I'm a 24 year old recent college grad who majored in psychology and minored in child advocacy. I am also currently living in South Carolina, USA as a broke college grad. Here you can expect to find 90% reblogged shizz (mainly fandom)...and 10 % of my own posts lol! Welcome to my tumblr and don't be afraid to send me a message...I won't say I don't bite, because I am happy to indulge you with that kink if you want me to...*rawr* (I swear I'm a nice person haha!) Want to know more? Check my About Me page. ||


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this song brings me sooo many memories!

*wipes tears (of joy)*